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Ride into the future

With revolutionary puncture proof wheel technology, sleek design and hi-tech energy efficiency, Ingo Tron is a smart and sustainable travelling and commuting device. Its energy efficient engineering enables travel upto 20kms* on a single charge. Your decision to ride an Ingo Tron will not just make travelling & commuting easy, but also show your commitment to a smart and sustainable future.

* may change basis infrastructure

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Enhances student and employee motivation

Navigating large campuses and tech parks can often be extremely time consuming. With an Ingo Tron you can redefine campus mobility and improve human resource efficiency by :

  • Reducing travelling time
  • Improving response time
  • Eliminating the stress of parking
  • Reducing pollution and congestion-related discomforts and disease

Go pollution and congestion free

Ingo Tron’s powerful lithium rechargeable batteries that power the bike, make it CO₂ emission free. Its sleek and modular design makes it easy to carry, store and park conveniently.

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Deliver joy and memorability

We understand that travel and commute involves curiosity and the joy of discovery. To make sure you keep going, each Ingo Tron delivers a smooth riding experience that helps you beat the traffic, never worry about parking and be a valuable player in the revolution of green mobility

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