Golf Image

~ 8 kms

Current Golf Course

Golf Caddies carry golfer’s bags weighing around 4-5 kgs for ~8 kms for an 18 hole Golf game. Golfers walk ~8km for an 18 hole game


10 - 300

Current Resorts

More than 3000 resorts across the world today have an acreage >10 acres. Maintenance & Service staff, along with Resort guests traverse by foot or by buggies which are sporadic.

Tourist inGO

~1km - 10km

Current Tourist Circuits

Tourist circuits in several places across the world do not have viable mobility solutions except sporadic buggy service. eg. Hampi temple circuit, Disneyland.

ingo flee image V1

inGO Flee - smart e-scooter for Hospitality, Recreation & Tourists

  • Golfers & Caddies
  • Resort guests / Maintenance staff
  • Tourists
  • Carrier to lug light loads
  • Service & Maintenance personnel carrying supplies, food & equipment
  • Older age tourists/golfers