~2 kms  ➔  50 x

Non-Airside 50 trips of 2 kms per day!

In most major airports, there is a stretch of around 2 kms (non-Airside) which is traversed, on an average, 50 times a day by airport personnel for operations and the only viable mode of transport is regular gasoline cars and shuttle buses.

~3 kms

Radius of office blocks housing airport operations

Airport parcels are generally huge and house several operations in surrounding buildings; these are usually in a radius of 3 kms from the Terminal. Transit to and from these buildings is by gasoline cars and bikes due to non-availability of other modes of transport.


Increase in efficiency

Increase in efficiency of Supervisors if E-scooters used in Airports. Supervisors are not mobile in Airport campus.

Airport Commute time Soution inGO


Reduction in commute time

Employees need to walk atleast 10-15 mins from public transport hub to Terminal or wait for Shuttle service which is far from frequent.

~0.7 kms

Average distance per trip intra-terminal by Airport personnel

There are intra-terminal operations on an average of 700m, which is currently completed by airport personnel by walk. There is vast scope of increase in terminal operations efficiency.

~25 x

Food transport situation

~25 trips per day carrying loads of 15-20 kgs Food Parcels & small luggage intra-terminal and non-Airside. Currently transport is by using conventional gasoline vehicles i.e., Mini-vans.

inGO Flee — smart eScooter for Personnel movement

  • Non-airside operations
  • Supervisor movements
  • Transit to surrounding offices in airport campus
  • Transfer from transport hub to Terminal
  • Intra-terminal operations
  • Emergency response team

inGO Mini - intra-Terminal Delivery

  • Carrier for holding bag/goods
  • 3w suspension
  • Food delivery vendors in airports
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inGO Flee for material movement

  • Tow hook to latch onto pallets
  • Intra-carousel bulk luggage transfer
  • 20 kgs food basket or personnel material
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