Smarter and Purpose-Built

Ideal for Fleets - Logistics or Rideshare, value built for Blue collar economy and rural areas


Roadworthy Rugged Reliable

Speed: 25 kmph or 50 kmph True Range: 50Km/charge

Payload : 75 kgs massive storage space
Best-in-class Ergonomics


Lowest Op-ex and Lowest TCO

Battery Swap <2mins

Components rated for high duty cycle of fleets > 100 kms/day 
High Energy efficiency and costs < ₹10 per charge


Smart Connected Vehicle with IoT and Telematics

Electric Lock through your phone or remote computer

Geo Fence to monitor locations and automate routing

Vehicular stats reports for predictive operational efficiency.

Ingo Flee Parts Image

Battery and Motor

  • "Made in India" brushless motor with 500W of breathtaking power... miles ahead of the competition
  • Engineered Lithium Battery to give True Range of 45+ kms
  • Battery Swap stations for Fleets

Customized for you!

  • Choose from Low-Speed or High-Speed
  • Choose from custom fleet colors
  • Choose from medium-duty or heavy-duty variants
  • Whopping 75 kgs max payload ability!

Specifications Sheet Matrix

Motor and Controller

250W BLDC Hub Motor


1kW @ 48V

Charger and Charge Time

54.6V / 6A – 4 Hours


45+ Kms (True Range)

Top Speed

25 kmph

0 – 20 kmph

4 seconds

Rated incline

12 degree gradient

Peak Torque

65 Nm at wheel

Wheel Size

10x2.50 (F) & 10x2.50(R)
10x2.75(F) & 10x3.00(R)

Chassis Material

High strength Steel

Max Payload

Foot board - 20 kgs rated (50 kgs Max*)
Carrier - 15 kgs (25 kgs max*)

Kerb Weight

55 Kgs

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