High Performance Shocks

First in Class Heavy Duty Suspension

Zero Maintenance

Highest Load Capacity

25kgs on Carrier

50kgs on Footboard

Payload : 75 kgs massive storage space
Best-in-class Ergonomics


5 rupees for 50kms

Savings up to 1 Lakh per year

Components rated for high duty cycle of fleets > 100 kms/day 
High Energy efficiency and costs < ₹10 per charge

Real-time Tracking & Software Suite

Remote Locking

Theft Alert

Geo Fencing

Ingo Flee Parts Image

Battery and Motor

  • "Made in India" brushless motor with breathtaking power... miles ahead of the competition
  • Removable Lithium Ion Battery with true range of 50+ kms
  • Battery Swapping for Fleets

Start Ride Sharing Business 
from 6 lakhs onwards

  • Complete software stack
  • Customer app/ Operations app
  • White labeling
  • Earn up to 1 Lakh per month 
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Specifications Sheet Matrix

Motor and Controller

250W BLDC Hub Motor


1kWh @ 48V

Charger and Charge Time

54.6V / 6A – 4 Hours


55+ Kms (True Range)

Top Speed

25 kmph


Front - 43mm Telescopic
Rear - Heavy Duty Shocks

Rated incline

12 degree gradient

Peak Torque

65 Nm at wheel

Wheel Size

10"x3.00" (F) & 10"x3.00"(R)

Chassis Material

High strength Steel

Max Payload

Foot board - 20 kgs rated (50 kgs Max*)
Carrier - 15 kgs (25 kgs max*)

Kerb Weight

55 Kgs

Start Ride Sharing Business from 10 Lakhs Onwards 

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