Expected fleet size for two wheeler rental sector 

Fast Growing market with Huge demand

1,00,000 INR

Average ROI per scooter in rentals 


Expected fleet size for the student community(Colleges & Universities)


Expected fleet size for Food DeliverySector.


Expected fleet size for Airports / Golf Courses / Industrial Setup.


Expected Fleet size for WarehouseSector

On Demand

In this current scenario our inGO Flee is well equipped to support the current on-demand Hyperlocal community and their commitment of food delivery (Swiggy/Zomato), Logistics (Amazon/Flipkart/Dunzo/Postal) and Rideshare Models options available in the market.

Ultra Low Maintenance

Operating Costs are the killer in Ridesharing and Flee, InGO Flee is Tailor made for this purpouse to very minimal maintenance required, equipped with TPMS,Tube-less tire, High-life 110mm Brake systems, and OEM parts in all Cables and Brake systems, for Extended Life.

inGO Flee positions itself as the best solution addressing the above with

  • Lowest total cost of ownership against other EV's and other ICE's
  • High durability and Reliability
  • High Weight carrying capacity
  • Battery swap compatible
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